*sneak a peek*

It’s my first post here and i have rewritten this quite a few times already i won’t lie but in the end i realized, why not write about what made me start writing this in the first place.

Or who, to be precise. Let me go ahead and confirm that yes,  i have a very loving and caring and sexy as fuck boyfriend who i love very much and who’ll call me any second now and most probably make me forget about the purpose of writing this so before that happens let me write this down.

 I think that if you’re in a committed relationship and you happen to come across guys who sweeps you off your feet,you really need to make sure that they are sexy sexy sexy as fuck and not some really cool guy who’s intelligent and has a sparkling personality …you know the kind that makes your panties wet ‘cause let’s face it girls, guys like that are the riskiest, most dangerous and a complete no-no.

I mean why would I care if mcHottie has a great personality or really good sense of humour as long as his butt makes me think of inappropriate things inside my head leaving a trail of drool down my chin upon the arrival of his mighty great bum. The most you can add to that is a semi-crooked smile that would leave me breathless.

And most importantly I’d run away from men who’re looking forward to make a meaningful conversation with me unless he’s ugly(sorry, ugly is subjective so no hate please) or if my  hormones are cooled down enough to form a platonic relationship. Cause at the end of the day I’d only like to have that conversation with my lover and not some guy with rugged good looks. That’s just a recipe for disaster.

 Writing this down makes me feel somewhat composed and sure of what I want. I mean I have a really cute guy who won’t stop making eye contact with me in my  class every week and god forbid, I wouldn’t want it to get messy with lover dearest. Only little sneaky little peeks sometimes to satisfy the hormones. 😉

Anyways gotta go for now, he called. Like I said he would.

 Bye bye lovelies.


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