gone with the wind



4 years back

She used to clutch her phone tightly before falling asleep so that she doesn’t miss his call. He was her leap of faith after a few failed relationships. They were madly in love.

He wrote in his journal just for her. Waited impatiently for his vacations just to see her face. His love was in his eyes. Her love was in her eyes. They never needed words to explain their love for each other.

Like water, they were. Fresh. Clear. A need for each other’s survival.


3 years back

Life got easier but the love for each other was stronger than ever. Although the long wait got tiresome, they only had one wish and that was to be in each others arms. That’s where peace was. That’s what made up for the months of separation.

He started calling more often. They talked about anything and everything. When they met after such long period of time it just felt like the very first day. The honeymoon stage seemed permanent.

Their friends teased and taunted that the continuing is a lost cause but they only smiled at each other and silently promised each other. Of togetherness. Of love.

2 years back

They were just like any other couple completely engrossed in love. Although the distance never seemed to end, the promise was still vivid in their eyes… in the midst of occasional arguments and disagreements, they managed to make each other smile.

The need to bring happiness to each other was stronger than ever. The understanding was fierce.

1.5 years back

They both started getting busy. He had too much pressure going on. She had her fair share of workload heaped up on her. Fallouts became a ritual instead of an occasional thing. Although they managed to not stay mad at each other for no longer than a day, the arguments and the disagreements never seemed to stop.

He had too much work. She was starting to get lonely. Lonelier than she was initially when she used to for his calls on every alternative weekends he managed to call her for 5 minutes.

1 year back

Their daily exchange of words just became a few sentences. Indifference started to creep in. they tried their level best to stay as excited as possible upon seeing each other during vacations but the vacations never seemed to come soon enough. She started to grow impatient.

Their dreams of spending life together started to feel like only an illusion. He got busier. She go tired. Branched out. Made new friends and started to become more out-going.

Suddenly thoughts of him not being close started to become less big of a deal. Thought the sudden thoughts of being in each other’s arms felt nice, but it came with a bitter wistfulness.


6 months back

Was he ever going to come back? The indifference started to slice in like a sharp knife cutting through butter. Their daily conversations became a responsibility instead of a need. In the span of 5 minutes they spoke about their daily activities which they were least interested to hear about.

He was more focused on his life there. She was more excited about making plans to meet her friends the next day. Even his arrival couldn’t bring back the gleam in her eyes.

She started to feel like her relationship was more like an obligation rather than a need.  Where was the liquid fire that ran through her veins just by mere thoughts of him?

The passion was somehow lost. The spark was gone. Holding his hands felt nothing. Intertwining their fingers never felt so dull. So numb. The feelings seemed to have just lost in the midst of nowhere.

3 months back

Maybe it was a split second decision. Maybe some external forces. Maybe some new feelings that had stated to surface in her life. Something that started to feel more magnetic than this which was once a need for survival..she doesn’t know. But she asked for a break. A break to think their relationship through. A break to maybe somehow reignite the flames.

He vehemently disagreed with her. He was never in favor of such “Breaks”. According to him these never ended nicely. But she took her chance. She took it. Took another leap.

But fell. Fell badly. Who was she kidding? Do these breaks ever work out?  To make up for the damage, they eventually got back again.  Just to shatter each other in a far mind-numbing soul-crushing manner.

Days went by without speaking to each other. Without hearing each others voice. The sudden phone calls or texts also stopped. The ones who once criticized now did it for an entirely different reason.

One thought only ran through their minds…did they not fight enough? Was it not worth the fight? Was it so  small in comparison to the other things in their life?


1 month back


She however found someone. Another lost soul. Another after her own heart. Another who had his fair share of heartbreak. One who suddenly started to be a vital part of her life. Too soon? Probably. Disrespecting their relationship? Yes. But unreal? No. Somehow she managed to find someone to confide in. he was always hiding there in the shadows. Always her confidante when he was too busy to hear about anything happening in her life. Always there at her rescue. Always there. Everyday he wasn’t.

He started to become what he was to her. Did he somehow replace him? No not really. But he somehow managed to grab a huge chunk her heart and somehow make her life better.

Maybe what she jumped into was too soon but she knew she would never regret it. Like she would never regret her very first leap of faith. Somehow these two just gave her the love she deserved or probably didn’t. who knows? But maybe someday everything will make more sense. she’ll not feel so lost. her future will not be a blurred mess. And these three will find themselves to be happy again.



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