Fire and Ice


Do you know what happens when fire and ice mix? It sparks. And it’s no ordinary spark.  The resulting mess can be very disastrous for both the mind and body. That’s how they are; she’s the fire to his ice. She’s fiery and temperamental and like a bubbling volcano whereas he’s the brooding, dark stormy type.  The first time she met him, he was just her friend’s little brother but there was something in his eyes that made her hold his gaze for a second longer than needed. And although it was just for a fleeting moment, but the moment their eyes met, it blazed her but was gone in a blink of an eye.

They met quite a few times here and there be it a wedding ceremony or his brother’s birthday celebration and although they never spoke, their eyes did their job be it across the table or just an innocent  glance stolen from each other at the same time. For some reason they never got around to speaking in person to each other even when they sat opposite each other while sucking onto those cancerous sticks called cigarettes. The simple glances and crooked smiles were enough for them. It served its purpose at that time. A transient distraction from their usual highs and much deeper lows.

It was after a few years they met again when he joined her university and maybe it was plain curiosity towards each other that they spoke. It wasn’t magical or love at first conversation of any kind or anything but little did they know, it was the beginning of a very compulsive journey for them.

And as cliché as it sounds, he was her knight in shining armour via social media in the deepest hours of the night when sleep betrayed her and her boyfriend was too busy to keep her company. They spoke for hours at a time and slept at the wee hours of the morning with the burning anticipation to talk again the moment they wake up.

Maybe it was the feeling of an almost dead relationship or the burning desire to talk to another man who isn’t her boyfriend or the sheer loneliness she felt in her life, she started to fall for him.  Maybe it happened during the long drives from university to home when she dropped him off and cuddled up against him or when they regularly met up with their friends at the local café or during that one day he came over at her place and they danced to a slow song with their faces centimeters away from each other’s or just during those nights when conversation seemed endless and nights seemed shorter.


It was the day after she and her boyfriend of so many years broke up, they met. Surprisingly that day he was out on a date at the same place she went out to hang out with her friends to distract herself and smoke her lungs out. Maybe it was the impact of the blow of the break up or the desire to stop everything at once, numbness spread through her veins at the sight of them chatting away and flirting and laughing during their date. You have to give props to her though, she did manage to give one of her most genuine fake smiles to the cute couple and decided to tune them out and give them privacy.

Surprisingly, couple of hours later he was back and dragged a seat beside her and started talking to everyone like a few hours back he wasn’t on a date. She chose to ignore that minor detail for then and relaxed a bit with him beside her. It was comical how she loosened up just after he came and sat beside her. Having no ride home he decided to drop her off. The hilarity of the situation was known to them both when they were crammed inside a rickshaw holding hands to comfort each other forgetting the fact that not even twenty four complete hours passed since her break up and his little date. But they dared to hold hands and it was just like all those years back. The fleeting moment of distraction from reality.  And just like any cliché stories, they kissed.

It wasn’t just any kiss. It was a kiss she had been waiting for forever that burned her core and caressed her spine with a delicious shiver laced with so much passion that made her question her previous relationship. The situation itself was enough for her to drag her to hell and beyond on a guilt-trip and yet she didn’t care and continued their heated kiss under her staircase.

And thus they embarked upon their whirlwind secret affair. And just like any other secret affairs, it was meant to crash and burn them both in a revolting mess but like any other couple filled with a burning passion, all sane thoughts seemed to have left their mind for the time being.

Is he her rainbow at the end of a rain or just the starting of a thunderous storm? Only time will tell.  He’s the ice to her fire after all. It’s going to end with a bang either way.






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