Randomly surfing through Facebook I came across an article today about loneliness and that got me thinking. What is the real definition of loneliness? When is a person really lonely? Is it our grandparents who have lost their significant other and are at the last stages of their life or a homeless person desperately clutching their little bundle of belongings or a single mother working tirelessly  day and night to feed her children and have nobody to share their hardships with? ? Is it the cancer patient alone in his room during his last stages when his family left him to be as they couldn’t see their son dying every single day?  Is it the 16 year old who just got dumped by his girlfriend for not being cool enough and his friends abandon him for being a loser or the girl who is surrounded by her friends and family laughing and mingling but still have a feeling of hollowness in her heart? How do we really define it?

I guess loneliness is like a parasite that feeds on our emotions and regardless of where we are or who we are with, its sharp claws will try to grasp you until you fall prey to it and let it clench your mind and soul and turn you into a desperate sobbing mess.tumblr_nsobw9u4cm1u1pitoo1_500

This hollowness is like cancer that spreads on our body and sometimes the littlest things triggers it and burns the soul. Let’s take that girl for instance who’s surrounded by her friends and family who actively participate in her life events and make her feel loved to the core. Why does she still go back home and sit by herself in a corner and feel restless? Why does depression engulf her and make silent tears roll down her cheeks? Doesn’t she have everything she needs already? A loving family, few caring friends and a good environment where she lives. Behind that smiling exterior if you look deep into her eyes only then you’ll notice that the eyes don’t shine so bright, the smile don’t reach her eyes and the smile she constructed took all her effort and will be a while  before she can manage to fake such smiles again.

All I’m trying to say is that maybe some people may find her whiny but loneliness is such a syndrome that can happen to anyone and it doesn’t necessarily need a person to be alone to be that way. It doesn’t need a person to be friendless or old or even dying. All it needs is a mind to build its throne on and destroy what little sanity they have left. Either they accept it or learn to live with it.



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