Always, Baby.

tumblr_npa755axgw1qcvheoo1_500“Meet me halfway”, she said with her heart thudding against her rib-cage and severe knots on her stomach. This wasn’t anything new to her to begin with and she could feel a sense of déjà vu in this. For a moment there she was left questioning herself whether she was begging him for his presence in her life just like she did in the past few relationships. She was almost sure the intensity of the need to be with her for him was equally the same as it was for her. But still she couldn’t help but feel a wave of rejection flowing her way ready to crash into her and crush her. Her heart and soul.

Of course it wasn’t the first time for her. After countless heartbreaks,  she dared to open up her heart for someone again. The situation was so familiar, she thought with a trace of manic hysteria inside of her. Was it a pattern in her love-life where she was usually the one left begging for some time to spend alone or was she just being clingy?

Shaking her head to get rid of the disturbing thoughts she dared to make eye contact with him. Her eyes were bloodshot and hollow with faint tear stains along her cheeks but still had a tiny ounce of hope glimmering in them. Mustering up all her courage she looked directly into his dark captivating  eyes that were enough to melt her into a puddle. As usual he had a mop of unruly hair falling on his eyes and it took a little effort for her not to reach up and tidy them like she always did. Taking a deep breath, she bared her soul for him to colour it however he pleases.

He released a small sigh and closed his eyes for a second to contemplate the seriousness of the issue at hand. Opening his eyes with sheer determination blazing from them, his cheeks carved out a tiny smile and with zero stammer in his tone he said, “Always, baby”.
The look of surprise and relief flooded her face and she let out a small sigh before gasping as he pulled her by her hands and gently cupped her face and laid a sweet lingering kiss on her lips that tinged her very core.  9028e91316fd45faf6a358e64f096ea8

Nobody has the power to know what the future holds but the power true love holds is enough to push a person to keep living and believe.


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