Always, Baby.


tumblr_npa755axgw1qcvheoo1_500“Meet me halfway”, she said with her heart thudding against her rib-cage and severe knots on her stomach. This wasn’t anything new to her to begin with and she could feel a sense of déjà vu in this. For a moment there she was left questioning herself whether she was begging him for his presence in her life just like she did in the past few relationships. She was almost sure the intensity of the need to be with her for him was equally the same as it was for her. But still she couldn’t help but feel a wave of rejection flowing her way ready to crash into her and crush her. Her heart and soul.

Of course it wasn’t the first time for her. After countless heartbreaks,  she dared to open up her heart for someone again. The situation was so familiar, she thought with a trace of…

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